Fox Pelts of Silver Fox type

Do you know ranched foxes is divided into Silver, Frost and Blue Fox types? All our pelts of Silver Fox Type for sale, have long, lustrous guard hair, dense, soft underfur, and thin leather, which makes them relatively lightweight compared to other fox variations. In other words, their lightness and limited supply make them very desirable. Silver Fox is the most common Silver type.

Fox Pelts of Frost type

All fox pelts of Frost Type for sale have a unique color with many distinctive pigment variations and shades. This type evolves by mixing a Silver Fox Type with a Blue Fox Type. The result is medium long hair, which is extremely soft and dense. The leather is also thicker compared to Silver Fox Types. Golden Island Fox, Fawn Light Fox and Blue Frost Fox are popular designer foxes within this category.

Fox pelts of Blue Fox type

Fox pelts of Blue Fox Type have a unique color. They have medium long hair and extremely full, dense underfur. Their leather is the thickest of all the Types. The fur is perfect for collars, hoods etc. Amoung our range do we have Blue Fox pelts, Pastel Blue Fox pelts and Shadow Blue Fox pelts for sale.