Frequently Asked Questions

I want your newsletter. How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by filling in your email address in the form at the bottom of this page.


Ordering Questions

Where is my order?

All shipped orders have tracking and, in case of loss, they are insured. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. If you have not received any tracking number within 3 working days, please contact us at

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Amex, Master Card, and American Express, along with PayPal.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, in accordance with any country regulations, of course. For example, restrictions apply to some areas in the US such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkley, and West Hollywood in California in Sao Paulo, Brazil and deliveries to Russia can only be made to Moscow by a legitimate company.

What about import duties?

All prices on the website are shown including 24% Finnish Value-added tax for European visitors. If you are ordering from outside of the EU, please note that Finnish VAT does not apply. You are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by your country of residence; payment of these is necessary to release your order from customs.

Your customs office will contact you with more information when the order reaches customs.

I changed my mind, do you accept returns?

You are entitled to return items within 14 days from the date of which you have received the item. No reason is needed and you will get a refund. Kindly notice that you will have to pay for the shipping costs for the return package.

Fashionfinfur Oy will not refund the original shipping costs unless the item you have received is faulty or damaged. In case we have sent you an incorrect or defective item,
we will of course be liable of return shipping fees.


About our Products

How do you secure quality within your company?

We carefully select our furs from certified fur farms in Finland to ensure premium top-quality product. This selection is done by our own fur expert, who has been working in the fur farming field for over 40 years. After dressing, we take notes and carefully examine each skin for imperfections.

Fur quality is based on the length and fullness of the hairs, the color, and its lack of blemishes. Top-quality fur is lush and well-fastened to the skin. In addition, there is a premium put on less common colors.

What are Silver, Frost and Blue fox types?

Foxes can be divided into 3 different types or families. Silver-, Frost- or Blue- fox types, all with their own unique characteristics. They vary in thickness, feel and hair length.

Silver fox types have the longest hair length of them all. Frost fox types have relatively short hair while Blue fox types have short and thick hair.

What is a color mutation and how does it work?

Simply said, if one or more whelps are of different color than the rest of the whelps, a mutation has occurred. Color mutations are distinct color patterns that occur spontaneously with the correct combination of parent lines. While there are breeding practices to encourage these mutations, the process can take years to complete and results are not predictable. Therefore, some of the most desirable color patterns are extremely rare and exist only in limited quantities.

What kind of damages can your skins have? How will I know what I am getting?

We always provide images of the front and the back of our dressed skins in order to ensure you have the full knowledge of the product, before you purchase. Damages tend to happen in the dressing process of the skins. Here are the most common damages you might come across:


The most common imperfections are holes in the leather. These are often very small and normally on the inside of the skin. These are rarely visible from the fur side, except in cases of very big holes.


Sometimes tears occur during the dressing process. Often minor tears are on the head, stomach or rear. Bigger tears can also occasionally happen, and these are normally sewn. The sewing is not visible from the fur side.


Parting sometimes occurs on Silver fox types during the dressing process. Parting is an imperfection on the fur side often visible on the spine where the longer guard hair is dividing from each other and forms a visible “line.” Parting rarely happens on Blue or Frost types.

Guard hair missing

Sometimes during the dressing process the longer guard hair on Silver fox types might get thinner or even break in spots.

Parts of skin missing

Sometimes during dressing process tails or feet or other parts of the skin can come off.

What is the difference between Raw and Dressed skins?

Raw skins have had minimal processing and will require finishing before use. Pre-dressed skins have undergone several cleaning and softening steps in order to be ready for the final application such as garment construction. We have both available to best meet your needs.

Why are all the skins divided into a light, medium and dark scale?

Foxes vary in color from dark to pale shades, depending on the type of skin. The scale is set to make it easier for you to choose similar colors or patterns. If you need a bigger quantity of homogenous skins, we can of course help you. E-mail us at

What materials are used in the dressing of fur pelts?

The main materials used in the dressing of our fur pelts are either organic or naturally occurring compounds, and environmental protection controls ensure that there are no harmful effluents. In fur dressing, relatively mild chemicals are used because the hairs must be protected. This is strictly regulated under REACH which stands for Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

What does the Fashionfinfur label stand for?

The Fashionfinfur label stands for quality and heritage. We only apply our label to skins that meet our exacting quality standards after being individually inspected by our own fur experts. These furs are either from our own family farm or from other farms in Finland.

Is your fur certified?

Yes, all of our fur comes from certified fur farms.

[fff-qa q="Is your fur Sustainable?"]Yes. First, quality fur is timeless; treated well, our unique fox skins will last for generations. And, when it’s time for disposing of the fur, they are biodegradable and break down naturally. Compared to fake furs and other petroleum-based synthetics, real fur composts without any harmful byproducts.

But for us sustainability is even deeper than that. Fashionfinfur is rooted in beautiful Ostrobothnia and we do our best to support a model of fur farming that is sustainable to the environment, the farmers, and is as humane as possible for our animals. When all of these things are in place, then it is sustainable. This means we only source our skins from reputable Finnsih farms and we commit to compensating these farmers for their efforts in order to enable them to continue to provide this unique and truly high-quality product.

Where does your fur come from?

Our furs come from Finnish fur farms in Ostrobothnia, on the Finnish west coast. Foxes are native to this area and Ostrobothnia has been an important center for fox fur farming for generations. Crisp cold winters here in our forests make ideal conditions for the formation of luxurious thick pelts.

Why is your fur so expensive?

We are committed to provide our customers with a great quality product. Our special fox skins are unique and, therefore, worth more than the more common shades. We also feel strongly about the importance of supporting the farmers. We need to pay them a fair price in order to ensure they can continue to provide furs that meet our standards.

Why can’t I buy as much as I want?

Our rare fox skins are not mass-produced; they are in fact special. There is only a certain number of each shade available in any given year. This is part of their charm; not only are they beautiful but they are also exclusive because they are somewhat hard to come by.

Can you help me to find a bigger quantity of a certain type?

Yes. We can help you buy raw furs from prestigious auction houses (such as for example SagaFurs ) according to your needs. We can also arrange the dressing. Our father has been working as a fur farmer for nearly 40 years and he knows quality fur!

I have a VAT number, can I order without tax?

Yes, a company with a valid EU VAT number can order with 0 % VAT. Just register as a company and fill in your VAT number. If the prices aren’t shown without VAT, please check that your company’s VAT number is registered under your profile.