All Palomino Silver Foxes in the whole world originates from one particular fur farm in Ostrobothnia, Finland. This hasn’t been an easy route, it has alltogether taken over 10 years of careful selective breeding.


The story behind Palomino Silver foxes


It all started in 2005, when a Finnish fur farmer imported Pastel Foxes from Poland to Finland. He had a vision to develop the most beautiful pastel colored foxes, nobody had ever seen. After many years of selective breeding, was finally the first ever Palomino type born in 2013. The farmer had finally figured out the genetic combination, but he was not satisfied with the quality.


So during 2016, 2017 and 2018 did he drive back and forth to Norway, with his breeding foxes of Palomino type. He left them to a good friend there, who helped him mate his foxes with the norweigan friends Choco Silver Foxes of outstanding quality. The farmer took the offspring home, and after the cubes where born, it was a sucess. He had finally figured it out thanks to his Norweigan friend. After this achievement, It has taken many years to breed a decent amounth, and fur farmers have worked together to achieve this.


Many mutation foxes have limited supply, but Palomino Silver Fox is today one of the fox types which is possible to buy in a bigger quantity. Silver foxes pastel color is absolutely stunning, not to mention the quality of the fur. To learn more about mutation foxes you can study this article


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